Health Myntra a place located in Rohtak (Haryana) started in 2015, with a team of 9 members. We have experience of 3 years in the area of beauty and health. We continuously increase the standard of professionalism and beauty treatment between the public by our top quality services. Health Myntra is located in Rohtak (Haryana), health Myntra is specialized in all whether it is health treatment, beauty treatment, hair treatment. Health Myntra pride ourselves on being the specialist in all area. The team of health Myntra work hard to remain with the industry trends and procedure, our greatest commitment is the customer satisfaction.

OUR VISION: The vision is to lead and become global bench mark in providing perfect health and complete wellness by providing top of the line procedures for weight loss, inch loss, body contouring, body sculpting, toning, anti- ageing and all other skin/ dermatological problems with innovative concepts

OUR MISSION: To enable our clients to be physically fit, healthy and look attractive by employing the most advanced technologies while at the same time adhering to the quality standards and always putting the client’s interest and satisfaction on priority.


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